Advantages to Outsourcing with Omega Outsource Ltd.

Most businesses make the decision to outsource their payroll because they are finding it too expensive and time consuming to maintain in-house.Outsourcing the non-core functions of your business frees up your time to concentrate on the key profit making areas of your business.


  2. 1.Avoids in house payroll or bookkeeping staff being absent and disrupting the functions of the department.


                             2. Delegates responsibility for keeping up to date with current employment and  legislation.


                             3. Minimises administration - freeing up employees and equipment


                             4. Reduces and fixes operating costs - no training costs, payroll stationery costs etc.


                             5. Gains access to expert capabilities and resources that are not available internally.


                             6. Provides a Help Line facility to respond to your payroll or accounts queries.


                             7. Easy to read reporting which can be tailored to your individual requirements.


                             8. Security: Full disaster recovery site and business continuity plans in place so you have peace of                                  mind that your confidential payroll data is in safe hands 

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