Payroll And Bookkeeping Services Services


This is a sample of the services we provide. (Please use our contact form for a complete list)


We offer a comprehensive payroll package which has no hidden charges or extras.


  1. Preparation of Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or other frequency payrolls to schedule. 

  2. Computation of all payroll requirements.

  3. Verification of additions and deductions, PAYE, PRSI and related issues.

  4. Approval and running of payroll.

  5. Deducting pension/healthcare/loans as required

  6. Security Payslips printed and delivered to client office.

  7. Fully customised multi-format payroll reports

  8. Forms P45 and annual P60 delivered to employer for distribution.

  9. Supplying Statement of Earnings when requested.

  10. Completion of Social Welfare forms and Prsi Statements

  11. Monthly payment reports to pension providers

  12. Annual P35 return electronic data files processed to Revenue.




 We offer a full range of bookkeeping services  (Please use our contact form for full details)  


 1.    Process Sales and Purchases ledgers.

 2.    Prepare Debtor and Creditor lists.

 3.    Preparation and submission of VAT returns.

 4.    Reconciliation of suppliers accounts to suppliers statements.

 5.    Reconciliation of bank accounts.


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